Tamir’s Tutorial Cancellation

Dear Students,

To better align with the lectures, we will skip my next week’s tutorial (about CNNs, Tue, 30.1) and will have it the week after (6.2). A makeup class will be held towards the end of the semester.

Instead of the skipped tutorial, during our next week’s slot (Tue, 30.1, 13:30) I will hold a complementary tutorial. I’m planning to give a tutorial about Transfer Learning, however if you have any questions about previous material taught (or any ML/DL background), we can also devote some time to that.

Note this is only a bonus tutorial - it’s not part of this semester’s official course material and you don’t have to make it up if you can’t/don’t want to come. Of course, students who aren’t usually in our tutorial group are also more than welcome to join.

See you,