The accompanying material for each lecture is posted here.

Lecture 1: Introduction

Origins of deep learning, course goals, overview of machine-learning paradigms, intro to computational acceleration.

Lecture 2: Supervised learning

Supervised learning problem statement, data sets, hypothesis classes, loss functions, basic examples of supervised machine learning models, adding non-linear...

Lecture 3: Neural Networks

Linear and multilayer Perceptron, loss functions, activation functions, pooling, weight sharing, convolutional layers, gradient descent, backpropagation.

Lecture 4: Training and Optimization

Approximation, estimation and optimization errors, regularization, loss surface curvature, descent-based optimization methods, second-order methods.

Lecture 5: Sequence Models

RNN model, input-output sequences relationships, non-sequential input, layered RNN, backpropagation through time, word embeddings, attention, transformers.

Lecture 7: Reinforcement Learning

Markov decision process, policies, rewards, value functions, the Bellman equation, q-learning, policy learning, actor-critic learning, AutoML.

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